Suara Berita

Suara Berita

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where the money go

nak hujah? ke sini semua duit2 ni pergi;
BBMB bailout , a total of 4 times - RM10.4 billion.
Perwaja Steel - RM10 billion.
Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) - RM200 million.
Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad - RM1.7 billion.
Hicom (Proton) losses over the years- RM1 billion.
MAS bailout from over repayment above market value of shares - over RM1 billion
KWSP, for Danaharta and Khazanah buyout of Timedotcom shares not taken - RM3.3 billion.
Bailout of LRT PUTRA and STAR - RM6 billion.
Bailout of Renong/UEM - RM12 billion.
Bakun Dam, settlement - RM 1 billion
InventQjaya - RM228 million
Crooked bridge, settlement - RM257 million
Broga Incinerator settlement- RM500 million
Agusta loss- RM510 million
Port Klang Free Zone 'extravaganza' - RM4.6 bilion
Offshore Petrol Vehicle scandal(PSC-NDSB) - RM6.75 bilion
Blok L dan M - RM 380 billion
Sime Darby - RM 1.6 billion AND COUNTING !
Pos Malaysia - RM 546 million
Felda - RM 8 Billion
'Additional', miscellaneous from Khazanah - dunno just yet !

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